Thursday, February 18, 2010

John Ashbery novel?

Oh, I meant to say: one editor told me "This is the kind of novel John Ashbery would write if Ashbery wrote a [new] novel."
John's a grand-daddy to us all (and, as it happens, my first real impulse teaser as a poet). Many years ago I moved to study with him (it didn't happen; Allen Ginsberg was there in his place--which was fortunate also). . .. I had sent a telegram to Ashbery from New Zealand to tell him about my intention.: "Traveling world/STOP/Moving to Brooklyn/STOP/Need to know your teaching/STOP" (that's how they did it then). So. . .Ashbery fans. . . . Heck, hello?

If/THEN. . .Vampire Weekend--maybe Che.: a novella in three parts. Friend,

IF Vampire Weekend, Ali Farka Toure. . .then maybe you'd like the tone & undercurrent of CHE too.
A friend turned me on to VW only last night & I'm floating there in the sound, a bay & birds made of lyrics
thatch a nest in mind's matter, a comfort dog that takes you out on a walk, the great kiss slip off,
a cosmos' sort of whirl, out of a box into a world or worlds--; geography the sky loves.
The list could be long (what we like, and---) but you know the feeling's specific--; & you're "home."

Each season in a cup. From fetal to dance, from fetal to dance.
This is an invitation, friend. "Put it on your lips. Crack a smile." Dance.

Send me a postcard and I'll send you one in return. Bring your copy of CHE around the world, send me your photograph
(of you and the badboy in green covers wherever you may be) with permission to create a book of friends with it.
I'll do something special for the person with the best photo.
CHE THE NOVELLA po bx c/o Peter Money Brownsville VT 05037
Tell a friend. Adventurous readers encouraged to apply. See you, Che. TRAVEL!

Friday, February 12, 2010

IF, THEN ___ ___ ____

IF YOU LIKE Alain de Botton On Love, Marie Darrieussecq Undercurrents, John Berger, David Malouf An Imaginary Life, Alessandro Baricco Silk, Carole Maso The Art Lover, David Markson This Is Not A Novel, Elias Khoury The Journey of Little Gandhi, Melanie Braverman, Lydia Davis, Jane Unrue, Margaret Atwood The Tent, Yannick Murphy Stories In Another Language, John Banville The Sea, H.D. The Gift, Wolfgang Borchert The Man Outside, William Carlos Williams Kora THEN,
Do yourself a favor and check out CHE. Pass the Word.

Nearly available, as of this posting.